Private in-home training

In-home dog training is our most popular Phoenix dog training option. These one-on-one lessons work with both dog and family, and best of all, we come to you! In-home training is appropriate for all dogs and nearly all behavioral issues, from rowdy behavior to more serious issues.

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Group training classes

We offer group training classes and behavior clinics in various locations around the Phoenix area. These classes cover various dog training topics ranging from a series of classes teaching general obedience, to a one-time clinic on patio skills, to a 2-day intensive on mastering the walk.

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Community Outreach

One of our core values is that quality dog behavior and training information should be available to all. We regularly offer low-cost or free classes and pack walks, we're building an arsenal of free online content, and we're committed to advocating for the beloved dogs of our community.

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About our programs

We offer dog training and dog behavior modification in the Phoenix area for all breeds, ages and issues. Our in-home training programs address a wide variety of behavioral issues including, but not limited to: leash reactivity, territorial behavior, jumping, barking, manners, housebreaking and much more!

We'll work with any dog, but we tend to work with a lot of “last chance” dogs—dogs who are on the verge of surrender or euthanasia. If you’ve been told by other trainers, pet professionals, or family members that your dog is “beyond help” or a “lost cause,” please contact us! We successfully work with dogs who’ve been given a death sentence, who are on medication, or who have been through training with one or more trainers. There is still hope!

The Beloved K9 offers dog training in Phoenix.

Our Philosophy

Our dog training and rehabilitation programs leverage two powerful concepts in order to change your dog’s behavior: clarity and consistency. To do this, we utilize a balanced training approach, which means we tell your dog “yes” to the behaviors we want to encourage and “no” to the behaviors we want to discourage. We believe that dogs are beloved family members, so our top priority is to (re)build the bond between dog and owner. We do this by sharing quality information on dog behavior, teaching the owner how to communicate clearly with their dog, and supporting the dog-owner team as they move forward with their training. To find out more about our style of training and to make sure we’re the right fit for you and your dog, please visit our FAQ page.

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We believe dogs are beloved family members, and when a family member is acting out, it's tough on everyone. If you're struggling with your dog's behavior, please contact us!